I’m back !! (or maybe…)

05/01/2015 Journal  No comments

2356i_m_backAfter a long, long time, as one of my new year’s resolutions, I decided to give it a try and fit in my incredibly heavy schedule a little time for this blog.

There is no safe prediction whether I will be able to keep up with this task, but I think it’s worth the effort because there are a lot of shareable things that happened the last couple of years.

I will try to be blogging about

  • the progress in the SP-Rest software (my Rest-ful web services php server and database wrapper),
  • CS-Helpdesk, a customized helpdesk – ticketing program I developed the last couple of months using the Phalcon PHP framework (which I would like to talk about too) and many-many other topics.

Maybe there are also some interesting things to share about my experience coaching and managing one of the most ef...

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New hosting (again)

20/03/2013 Journal  No comments


Well,  after engaging in an uneven battle with the UHURU cloud services, having my wordpress installation literally destroyed for three times in a row, I decided to change once again my hosting provider fir this website.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience…

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SP-Pwd (yet another password strength script)

28/01/2013 Journalmy projectsphpprogramming  2 comments


Based on the thoughts and conclusions of my previous post about passwords and security, I coded a little php script that works as a RESTful web service and assesses  the strength of a given password based on an algorithm that takes under consideration the length, the diversity of the characters used and the “opinion” of a  little known google password rating service. The name of it: SP-Pwd

The source is open and free in its Github project page.

Below follows the full documentation (copied from the readme.md) of the current version:

(Yet Another) Simple PHP password strength test (REST web service)


The script is a web service, developed by the REST standards, which takes as a URI argument the password in question and gives back a JSON formatted response with a score (scale 0 t...

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About Passwords and Security

24/01/2013 programming  One comment


In the last few days I conducted a little research of my own about passwords and web applications security as a whole and I found out some interesting aspects I would like to share.

Triggering process was the research for authentication mechanisms and mal-practice (eg sql injection) prevention measures to implement in the SP-REST project. Inevitably I stumbled upon issues of user level security (because a system is a strong as the most vulnerable part in the chain of participating parts –both human and machines).

Some of my perceptions about security that I had before this research proved right some other wrong.

1st axiom: There is no unbreakable system...

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SP-REST reaches alpha

23/01/2013 Journalmy projectsprogrammingSP-Rest  No comments


I am very happy to announce that SP-REST, my experimental REStful database wrapper, haw reached a milestone, that is as of today all the basic functionality haw been implemented.

The script is now capable of performing all the basic CRUD operations, supporting MySQL and Oracle databases (tested on 10g version).

Next challenges, towards a fully productive version:

  • – Authentication
  • – Structured error responses
  • – Pagination of data (or other way of handling very large datasets)

As always, latest version of code and documentation in the project’s GitHub page.

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My new project: sp-rest

17/01/2013 Journalmy projectsphpprogrammingSP-Rest  One comment


During the last few weeks, I consumed a lot of time researching the architecture and the technologies-tools, that should be adopted by the company I work as a development director for (Computer Solutions SA), in order to build the next generation of our ERP and HIS suite “Asclepios™”. Through this process I obtained a deeper and broader knowledge of the trends in the universe of modern business application crafting. I hope that in the near future I will be able to share notes, thoughts and decision paths that emerged from this “exploration” in this very blog.

Revealing the hint that my mind is almost irreversibly set towards Service Oriented Architecture and layered systems  (yes, I know you know that the future lies in the cloud), I decided to do some hands-on work on some of the tech...

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A few words about UHURU cloud services

17/01/2013 Journal  No comments

As I mentioned in a previous post (and I think anyone can see) I moved my blog to a self managed WordPress site, something I was planning to do along time now.

At the time I was looking for online services to host my site, I stumbled upon a message in my LinkedIn account, mentioning the UHURU cloud services. After a glance at their site I decided to give it a try.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the setup process. Although it is clearly obvious that they provide a lot more than a regular php-mysql host, I was able to get the wordpress installation up and running in just a few clicks.

Being more of a cloud manager than a regular host, it provides several customization options

So, your account consists of “clouds” (in my case “Team spitoglou”) which contain apps and services ...

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New Blog (self managed WordPress hosted on UHURUcloud)

17/01/2013 Journal  No comments

One of my new year’s resolutions is to make this blog a little more active in 2013.

There is a ton of content and thoughts to share and the lack of time has to be defeated via self-discipline and anti-procrastination measures.

So, first move was to port the blog from the google blogger service to a self managed hosted wordpress.

uhuruAs hosting provider I chose UHURU, a cloud service which seems to have a lot of potential (not to mention a tempting one year free premium hosting opportunity). I will come back with a little more detail about UHURU in one of my next posts.


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Defining and Achieving True Collaboration (from BigVisible Solutions)

10/01/2013 agilegenericmanagementreposts  No comments

The word collaboration is everywhere these days. Talks, meetings, conversations are almost sure to include it. Managers praise the powers of collaboration. People cite “collaborative efforts” and “collaboration is key.” This is all fine, except, I don’t think many of those speaking know what collaboration really means. In fact, I know from personal experience that many things later labeled as “a collaboration” were not collaborative at all.

Some of the problem is that the word collaboration is often used as a synonym for three other words that start with C: Communication, coordination, and cooperation. There is a difference between these words, one which most people don’t know or don’t see as important. It is important to understand what collaboration really means...

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Happy new year!!

01/01/2013 offtopic  No comments


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